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IDAA seeks your help to carry its message!

Since its inception, the IDAA Central Office has been supported by a portion of the registration fees from the annual meeting. The mission to carry the message of recovery to healthcare professionals in recovery is seen in large part in our providing scholarships to members and their families who are having financial hardships.

Contributions are gratefully accepted to the following IDAA Funds. All amounts are in US Dollars.

Stand Up for IDAA - Give Monthly to IDAA General Fund

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Contributions to this fund are used entirely by the current annual meeting committee to provide scholarship aid for new, early-in-sobriety, members to attend their first IDAA meeting. The fund is also used to help our longer-sober AA, Al-Anon members, and families, who suffer occasional financial hurdles to attend the IDAA annual meeting.

General Fund

This fund supports Central Office daily operations under the direction of the Executive Director.


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